Refrigerated containers are often referred to as ‘reefers’ and are designed to supply temperature controlled storage to retailers, caterers and various other businesses. Portables360 is a renowned supplier of refrigerated containers that can chill, freeze and refrigerate perishables. The units are a commonly seen at sporting events, distribution centers and on the premises of pharmaceutical companies. The Portables360 team have been supplying refrigerated storage containers for many years and offer a wide range of units to meet a host of requirements.

The best possible protection for your cargo

Portables360 offers safe, clean, and highly-portable electric-powered units. The units are designed to secure and maintain cargo at sea and elsewhere and are noted for their minimum air leakage as well as their enhanced thermal efficiency. All units are carefully inspected to make sure they are able to deliver the best protection possible for all your perishable products.

The 20’ Refrigerated Storage Container is the most commonly-purchased unit in the fleet and comes with a series of features including automatic defrost, a stainless steel interior, an aluminium T-grade floor and lockable double swing doors. Temperatures range between -10°F to 70°F.

If you require a larger unit, the 40’ Refrigerated Container may be ideal. This unit provides you with all the features you’ll get with the 20’ unit but offers twice the capacity, making it perfect for those with the space to accommodate it. The 20’ Domestic Reefer shares various features with the 20’ Refrigerated Container but is better suited to unique electrical environments.

Find the ideal solution

Should you have any questions about the refrigerated containers offered by Portables360, you are welcome to contact the team at any point. The experts at Portables360 have exceptional product knowledge and always pay close attention to what you have to say to match you up with the ideal solution for your specific needs. You can follow the Portables360 team via various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also call them on (844) 767-8360 or send an e-mail to Browse the site today if you require a first-class refrigerated storage container.