The coronavirus (COVID 19) has forced many medical facilities, first responders, and government offices to seek immediate extra space. Mobile offices for virus hot zones, extra medical space for care facilities, and storage space for supplies has become a necessity   Shipping containers & Coronavirus are strange bedfellows.

Officials from all of these industries will benefit from the use of shipping containers during this national crisis. Shipping containers can quickly be converted into an office or medical space and will also provide the following benefits: 

* Easy to move structures – Move the container away from congested areas so that you have better control over social distancing 

* Easier to clean and maintain than a tarp or tent 

* Containers can quickly be modified to include plumbing, temperature control, and electricity. All containers can be fitted for Wi-Fi 

containers and coronavirus

Different Uses For Shipping Containers during Coronavirus COVID 19 Pandemic  


Mobile Testing Center 

You can have a container delivered to any location to set up a quick mobile testing center. Containers can also be used as a walk-up testing center with office operations inside to keep patients separated and honor their privacy. 

Temporary Medical Care 

You can set up a triage unit in the container to help assist the hospital with screening and admitting patients. This also keeps these patients separate from others in the emergency room. 

Supply Distribution 

First Responders and Medical Professionals are in desperate need for supplies. These containers can be used to house supplies as they are distributed in a drive-up manner. This protects those who are distributing the product as well as those receiving the items. 

Temporary Office Space 

Many companies are unable to follow the stay-home orders because of the services that they provide. In an effort to encourage social distancing and protect employees, containers can be converted into additional office space so that employees can work further apart. 

There are several other uses that a portable shipping container could provide during this national crisis. If you need space for any reason, a portable shipping container will be your best and fastest solution.