Custom Services

Customize your box to meet your needs

Allow our team to assess your needs and fit a unit that’s right for you. We can build units to adapt to just about any application.

Multi-Temperature Units

Convert one reefer into two temperature zones by adding an insulated and movable bulkhead. This allows you to store both frozen and chilled cargo at the same time!

Specialized Multi-Temperature Units

Our technical team can specialized units that may include specially mounted condenser units and extruded aluminum or flat floors. Continue designing your cooler/freezer with interior lighting, shelving, remote switches, recessed thermometer, temperature alarms, plastic strip curtains and more.

Blast Freezers

We will design a box around your cargo. Whether it’s meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, medical or scientific products, we will work with the manufacturers to build the container to maintain specific temperatures and suit your operation. Blast freezers are designed to meet each customers individual requirements.

Other Designs

Our units have thousands of applications. We can modify/design a box to be: temporary restaurants, retail stores, lockers/on-site storage, offices, houses, walk-in coolers, greenhouses, communication centers, emergency care centers, and much more!