Pharmaceutical Storage

Pharmaceutical Storage

Pharmaceutical products must be managed carefully after production to ensure their quality until they reach the end consumer. This is especially important when it comes to temperature control. Many pharmaceutical products can lose their potency.  They may become harmful if they are subjected to extreme heat or cold.

In fact, some medications like vaccines need to be kept cold at all times because of their components. Allowing these medicines to become warm before use makes them ineffective.

Customizable climate controlled storage container

Pharmaceutical Storage Solutions

Storing pharmaceutical products requires a secure storage container that offers temperature and humidity control. The easiest solution that meets these guidelines is refrigerated shipping containers.

A refrigerated container offers you a secure space to store your pharmaceutical products. The thick walls prevent anyone from tampering with the unit and trying to enter it.  The single entrance is easy to secure. You can also place the unit in a position that allows for easy monitoring of the entrance.

The interior of the unit can be customized with shelving or other racks for storage. Lighting can be installed for convenience and safety. The cooling system can be monitored from the outside at all times.  This will reduce the number of times the unit needs to be opened.  In this way, efficient climate control is achieved.

The cooling unit on the container is also designed to circulate the air within the container instead of just pumping in cool air. Circulated air ensures that all the product receives consistent cooling. This eliminates the potential for damage to pharmaceuticals placed near the end of the unit.  Consistent temperature is imperative for pharmaceutical storage.

storage of medications in climate controlled shipping containers

Emergency Services and Disaster Relief

Refrigerated shipping containers also provide a great way to move pharmaceutical products into emergency areas or areas where disasters have struck. These secure storage containers are easy to transport and can bring in viable and essential medications to areas in crisis.

Storage containers are also the right choice for moving pharmaceutical products and vaccinations into areas where there is limited access to medication. Health organizations and charity groups can help those in need by transporting medications and vaccinations into third-world areas without the threat of unauthorized access or spoilage.

Benefit Of Cold Storage Containers

Pharmacies and medical centers can also benefit from secure cold storage units at their place of business. Using a secure storage container is a cost-effective way of pharmaceutical storage without having to make significant changes to a building. If your business needs additional space, you can use a storage container for your pharmaceutical products instead of building additional storage space or having to move your business.

Key FAQs about Cold Storage Systems

Key FAQs about Cold Storage Systems

The Portables360 team wants you to get as many years of use from your cold storage systems as possible. Read on to find out more about preparing for the arrival of and maintaining your containers and portable refrigerators.

How should I prepare to receive my container?

You need to ensure the foundation where the unit will be placed is tough enough to support the container’s weight. Concrete, crushed concrete, gravel and asphalt are all suitable materials. Cinderblocks, wooden block, and railroad ties can help you avoid problems as well. Try to ensure a level area is available.

How much access do I need to make available?

You will need to ensure sufficient access for the delivery truck is available. There will also need to be enough space for you to gain access to your cargo via the swing doors when the unit has been grounded. The refrigeration unit will also require proper airflow on all sides.  You must ensure at lease 5 feet of space is available. You also need to make sure there is enough area to supply the unit with electricity.

How can I keep my units in good condition?

You can prolong the life of your container by ensuring you’re using the right electrical supply at all times. Check how the unit is operating on a regular basis and monitor temperature frequently. Try to keep the doors closed as much as you can.  Also allow unobstructed airflow when you are loading the container. Make sure products are not stacked near to the doors or ceiling. If you are entering the unit for a lengthy period of time, switch the unit off and turn it back on when you leave.

You also need to regularly inspect the unit to identify any oil-stained areas. The presence of oil can be a symptom of a refrigerant leak. The condenser coil needs to be kept clean, particularly during the warmer months of the year.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Portables360 team if you require any further advice on maintaining your cold storage systems. You can reach them by calling (844) 767-8360 or sending an e-mail to

The USAs number 1 Portable Storage Provider

The USAs number 1 Portable Storage Provider

Portables360 is widely-regarded as one of the USA’s top providers of portable storage. The team is able to offer refrigerated and cold-storage solutions. Portables360 offers wholesale and leases for a wide range of new and used shipping containers, mobile storage container applications, and refrigerated containers. The brand is an affiliate of the prestigious SoNo International business and specializes in providing marine containers for schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical companies, tech businesses, catering companies, events organizers and many more. Why not browse the site today if you require a durable portable storage provider?

Refrigerated containers

Containers can be fitted with a range of standard and custom features, so if you are looking for bespoke solutions, Portables360 can cater for you. The Portables360 team have more than three decades of experience to draw upon. Their refrigerated containers are also known as reefers and can act as on-site walk-in refrigerators that can chill, refrigerate and freeze your goods. The team offer electric-powered units that are not only clean and reliable but safe and portable too. The units are built to the highest standards and are designed to offer maximum thermal efficiency whilst minimizing air leakage. 10’, 20’ and 40’ containers are available.

Standard containers

Standard containers are also available and are also known as dry van containers. These containers are manufactured from Cor-ten steel and offer spacious, safe and secure storage.  There are various add-ons and custom modifications available to suit specific needs, such as shelving, racks, locks, ramps, light bars, roll-up doors, partitions and side-doors.

Should you have any queries about the containers supplied by Portables360, you can contact the team at any point. You can keep up to date with the latest news and developments by following Portable 360 on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The team can be reached via 844) 767-8360 and You can also get in touch via the contact form on the website. No matter what you require from a portable storage provider, Portables360 can cater for you. See what they have to offer today.

What is a refrigerated storage container?

What is a refrigerated storage container?

Refrigerated containers are often referred to as ‘reefers’ and are designed to supply temperature controlled storage to retailers, caterers and various other businesses. Portables360 is a renowned supplier of refrigerated containers that can chill, freeze and refrigerate perishables. The units are a commonly seen at sporting events, distribution centers and on the premises of pharmaceutical companies. The Portables360 team have been supplying refrigerated storage containers for many years and offer a wide range of units to meet a host of requirements.

The best possible protection for your cargo

Portables360 offers safe, clean, and highly-portable electric-powered units. The units are designed to secure and maintain cargo at sea and elsewhere and are noted for their minimum air leakage as well as their enhanced thermal efficiency. All units are carefully inspected to make sure they are able to deliver the best protection possible for all your perishable products.

The 20’ Refrigerated Storage Container is the most commonly-purchased unit in the fleet and comes with a series of features including automatic defrost, a stainless steel interior, an aluminium T-grade floor and lockable double swing doors. Temperatures range between -10°F to 70°F.

If you require a larger unit, the 40’ Refrigerated Container may be ideal. This unit provides you with all the features you’ll get with the 20’ unit but offers twice the capacity, making it perfect for those with the space to accommodate it. The 20’ Domestic Reefer shares various features with the 20’ Refrigerated Container but is better suited to unique electrical environments.

Find the ideal solution

Should you have any questions about the refrigerated containers offered by Portables360, you are welcome to contact the team at any point. The experts at Portables360 have exceptional product knowledge and always pay close attention to what you have to say to match you up with the ideal solution for your specific needs. You can follow the Portables360 team via various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also call them on (844) 767-8360 or send an e-mail to Browse the site today if you require a first-class refrigerated storage container.