Dry Ice & Cold Storage

Dry Ice & Cold Storage

There are many occasions where the use of dry ice and cold storage are beneficial. Businesses need to store food products in controlled temperatures, storage of medications and temperature-controlled storage of certain types of beverages are a few of the uses for a cold storage system. 

Portable containers are an affordable solution for cold storage. There are many dry ice benefits such as keeping temperatures below freezing or filling empty space in a cold storage container. Additional dry ice benefits include having the ice available when you need to ship small packages that require the temperature to remain steady for your customers. Air conditioning can also be installed into these units.  This is perfect if you need a steady temperature that is not below the freezing mark. 

A cold storage container can be placed anywhere on a property as long as the ground is level.  They are easy to move when necessary. Portable shipping containers can also be used to transport cold goods and dry ice to areas in need.  Disaster zones or areas suffering from extreme temperatures benefit immensely. 

Why Do Shipping Containers Make Good Cold Storage Units? 

One of the main reasons that shipping containers make such good cold storage units is because of how well they seal. The containers were originally designed to move merchandise across the globe on a ship. Ships are exposed to wind, water, and all kinds of weather conditions.  Because of this, containers have been constructed to seal tightly.  This ensures water and air cannot enter the container and cause merchandise harm. 

Once converted into a cold storage unit, containers retain the ability to stay sealed.  This ensures the temperature stays consistent within the unit. Dry ice and regular frozen or refrigerated goods can maintain an even temperature easily when they are placed in a refrigerated shipping container. 

Portables 360 will help you select the right shipping container to convert into a cold storage unit. We offer a variety of sizes.  Additionally, we will make any alterations to the container you feel necessary.  Your business will benefit from your cold storage unit. 

Connecting Shipping Containers for Your Business

Connecting Shipping Containers for Your Business

Repurposing shipping containers into new structures is a high-demand service.  They are strong and durable. These structures can be converted into any type of building.  Slight modifications result in useful and profitable structures.  But what if you need more room? 

Great news!  You can connect multiple shipping containers together to create a single, spacious structure. All it takes is a little bit of engineering and a little bit of extra setup time. 

Creating A Multi-Container Unit From Connecting Shipping Containers 

Creating a structure out of multiple containers starts in the engineering department. To begin, our engineers will look at the purpose of the structure.  In addition, they will consider any special needs you may have for the interior.  Finally, they will create a support system for the containers. 

One side of each container will be removed.  They will be connected together at their final destination. While they are being modified, new supports will be put into place according to the specs given by the engineering department. This ensures the integrity of the container remains durable for years. 

When the containers arrive at the new location and are put into place, our assembly team will either weld or caulk the two containers together to form a single unit. When completed, they will install a threshold cover in the interior to protect the seam.  This will also improve safety. Next, they will place a ridge cap on the roof of the container unit over the seam to prevent any potential water from seeping into the unit. 

Now electricity and plumbing are hooked up.  The new building is ready to be used.  The process of connecting shipping containers is efficient.

If the building needs to be moved at a later date, the weld or caulk can easily be removed.  The pieces can be separated and the building shipped by truck to its new location. 

Benefits of Connecting Shipping Containers

As you can see, the process is straightforward.  Connecting shipping containers into a new building structure will save your business money.  Building a new space takes more time. Connecting shipping containers is cost- and time-effective.  Additionally, you can secure two or more containers together.  You decide the amount of space needed.  In some cases, you can even connect shipping containers on top of each other to make multi-layered units.  

Repurposing storage containers is not only an environmentally friendly way to build a new structure, it is also cost-effective. Depending on the space you are making, using a container can be 50 percent less expensive than building a brand new structure. 

We look forward to speaking with you and determining the best application for your business.

Portables 360 Supporting Quest Diagnostics Nationwide

Portables 360 Supporting Quest Diagnostics Nationwide

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many medical businesses struggling to keep up with the demand for space. Medical facilities around the world have been filled to capacity with patients, and testing centers are overwhelmed by these facilities to process necessary testing for these patients.  Portables 360 Supporting Quest Diagnostics Nationwide working together to help manage the virus.

Add to this the need to have testing centers for the general public and testing centers for antibody testing, and the need for medical space quadruples.

Quest Diagnostics has addressed this problem by having portable shipping containers converted into portable testing facilities and storage centers. Working with Portables360, Quest Diagnostics was able to have additional testing space created at 5 of their locations nationwide by repurposing used shipping containers.

Quest Diagnostics was also able to create a secure storage facility for COVID testing equipment and samples by having Portables360 customize a shipping container. The result was a secure space that is portable if necessary.

Portables 360 Supporting Quest Diagnostics Nationwide

Storage Containers Are Useful For More Than COVID Testing.

Shipping containers have been converted into triage centers for medical facilities to help separate COVID patients form other patients. Private testing centers have found a way to have on-site testing in remote areas by using a portable office setting. Government agencies have used the containers as a way to distribute personal protection equipment. The list is long in ways these shipping containers have helped fill a need during this crisis.

Converting a shipping container into an office space, testing center, or secured storage space can be done quickly. All of our container conversions are completed on-site and to our client’s specifications. The containers are then delivered to your preferred location.

Repurposed containers do not have to be permanently secured to the ground. The weight of the container will provide all of the stability you need to have a safe and secure space. When you are done with the project, you can have the container moved to the next location quite easily.

Modifying shipping containers is a cost-effective way to create more work or storage space in a hurry. You can create a solid and secure structure that will meet your needs and remain portable for future projects. If you have a need for more work or storage space, Portables360 can help you customize a container to meet that need.



Crossover Electrical Systems

Crossover Electrical Systems

When you are repurposing portable storage containers, the most commonly added feature to the unit is electricity. Nearly every type of repurposed container will need power.  Even if it is just for temperature control features. However, if you are running an office, home, or workshop in these containers, you will also need outlets.  You may need other electrical connections as well.

For those who are using multiple containers to build a larger structure, electricity connection can become a nightmare.  


What Are Crossover Electrical Systems? 

Crossover electrical systems are a type of wiring structure.  They allow each container to be interconnected. You only need to run one main power source for the structure. This eliminates a lot of the expense for the container owner when it comes to connecting electricity at a property. 

Portable 360 in-house electricians will wire portable shipping containers so they can be connected effortlessly.  We use color-coded plugs.  Once the containers arrive at their destination, the on-site electricians plug the containers into each other for electricity to flow through the system. Only a single power source will be necessary for the entire unit.  This makes it easier and more cost-effective for the owner. 


Saving Money And Time with Crossover Electrical Systems

Once the portable storage containers are in place, the assembly crews can easily connect the plugs together between the containers. This will not require any specialized electrical work to be completed,  The unit owner will not have to worry about hiring an electrician to connect the units together. 

Of course, it will be necessary to hire an electrician to complete the main power connection to the unit. Electrical work of this nature should be left to a professional.  Safety is a priority at Portables 360.  As you know, there are dangers associated with working with electricity. Local building ordinances may also require the use of a licensed electrician when establishing power to a new structure. 

Using the crossover electrical system will also save portable storage container owners a lot of time. When your storage containers arrive, it will literally only take a few minutes to connect the electrical plugs between the units. This will help speed the process of having the containers ready for use. 

Shipping containers that are converted into other structures are an affordable alternative to building a structure brand new. They offer a sturdy base that can be used for any purpose. The ability to add electricity to these units makes them even more versatile. 

Portables 360 now offers crossover electrical systems for multi-unit structures. This increases the speed at which these units can become operational when they are delivered.  It also decreases the overall costs for the owners when hooking up the main power lines. 


Shipping Containers Benefit the Telecom Industry

Shipping Containers Benefit the Telecom Industry

The telecom industry is growing at a rate unseen in any other industry. As new technologies emerge, the Internet is a major part of their functions. Demand for more telecom access will increase. These technologies are referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). This is an industry that is anticipated to be valued at over $1.6 trillion by 2025!

With the exponential growth of this industry in mind, telecom companies need to find cost-effective ways to protect telecom equipment. This helps them expand at the same rate as the technology industry.

The Benefits of Shipping Containers as Telecom Shelters 

Telecom shelters are protective units that contain telecommunications equipment.  This enables the areas that the shelter serves to access the Internet. These shelters house sensitive equipment.  Shelters must be able to protect the equipment from weather conditions, vandalism, and theft. 

Most of these shelters are made from precast concrete that has to be modified to allow for temperature control and security. Shelters are also permanent structures. This causes additional costs to the telecom company when expanding in an area.  Moving the shelter is costly but is necessary at times.

Portables360 found the perfect solution for the telecom industry.  Convert shipping containers into telecom shelters! 

The benefits of shipping containers as telecom shelters include: 

  • Weather-resistant construction even in the most extreme temperatures 
  • Easy to modify the interior to accommodate equipment 
  • Climate control features can be added 
  • Easy to secure 
  • Portable solution and can easily be moved to rough terrains 

A close look at the need for telecom shelters shows that using portable containers will fill the need for rapid expansion efforts.  Using these containers will also reduce the cost of expansion. Shipping containers are built for extended use in the most extreme conditions. These containers will outlast any concrete container by years. 

Shipping containers are available in a variety of sizes.     Each container can be customized for a specific location or need. The telecom industry will significantly benefit from using portable shipping containers.  They are the perfect alternative to the concrete telecom structure currently being used.  


Shipping Container Longevity

Shipping Container Longevity

The most important benefit of using a customized shipping container is their longevity. Companies that invest in a container for storage, office space, or any other reason will have a low initial investment.  Additionally, they will benefit from an extended period of use from the unit.


Shipping Containers Have Extreme Longevity


Shipping containers are built to withstand harsh conditions. Their steel walls must be able to withstand the weight of eight additional fully packed containers being stacked on top without buckling or shifting. These containers must also be built well enough to endure severe weather conditions while out to sea.

Current shipping containers are designed to be used under extreme conditions for at least 25 years. However, due to the cost of returning these empty containers to their point of origin, most containers are used only once.

When Portables360 makes a shipping container available, a majority of these containers are only a few months old. In fact, some are only several weeks old. When the container is repurposed, the new owners can expect at least 25 years of use from the container!  Shipping container longevity makes them perfect for storage as well as other applications.


Other Applications for Shipping Containers


Businesses that need additional storage areas will benefit from converted containers. You can create cold or warm storage from a container and locate it anywhere on your property. Containers can be completely customized.  The cost is significantly less than building a new structure or moving the business to a new location.

A company that needs a mobile office or temporary office space will love the cost.  Ease of customizing a container is another benefit.  Creating office space is yet another application. Containers are physically stronger than mobile homes.  They will last the business for a much longer time.  Regardless of whether the container is continually moved to new locations, shipping container longevity is not a concern.

A final way that containers can help save a company money is repurposing a business container. If you need cold storage now and a mobile office later, you can easily convert the container. Its new purpose will be of minimal cost.


For additional information on how a repurposed shipping container can save your business money,call the knowledgeable staff at Portables360.