Industries Benefiting From Portable Storage Containers

Industries Benefiting From Portable Storage Containers

There are many industries that will benefit from the use of portable containers. Portable containers provide businesses with options for storage and expanded space.  Portable office space and emergency situations also benefit.  Storage containers are easy to move.  They are safe and secure.  In addition, they are easily customized to fit any need. 


There are, however, four industries that have enjoyed the most benefits from using portable storage containers: Schools, Retail or Restaurant Industry, Farming and Agriculture, and Construction and Manufacturing. 

Industries Benefiting from Portable Storage Containers


Overcrowding in schools and colleges has become a common issue in many areas around the country. Portable shipping containers offer learning institutions a way to increase space without having to invest in expensive construction. 


Portable containers can easily be converted into storage areas, special lab areas for students, and even office area if necessary. Storage containers may also be connected together and customized to create sturdy portable classrooms. 


Retail or Restaurant Industry 

One of the most important things in the retail and restaurant industry is how the business appears to the customer. The customer-facing side of your business, both inside and outside, must be appealing.  If it isn’t, customers will simply go somewhere else. 


Shipping containers provide this industry with a way to have secure storage options that will keep their businesses looking its best. Shipping containers can be placed anywhere on the property outside of the customer’s view. For restaurants, the option of having a refrigerated container also enhances the ability to keep more locally sourced and fresh foods available for your patrons. 


Farming and Agriculture 


The farming and agriculture industry has benefited in several ways when using portable containers. In addition to providing this group with secure storage for their equipment and supplies, storage containers also make a great cold storage option for cut crops. 


Specialty crops that must be grown under controlled conditions can easily be grown in a container. These containers will allow you to customize a grow area to any specification. 


Construction and Manufacturing 

Construction and manufacturing companies enjoy many benefits of using shipping containers. One of the most common uses for containers in these industries is for the creation of portable offices. When you quickly need to have an on-site office for a project, a shipping container is easily converted into that space. Electricity, internet, and plumbing can all be fitted into the unit. 


The above industries also enjoy secure storage for equipment, parts, and supplies. Other uses may include a safe way to ship parts and supplies from job site to job site. 

There are countless other uses that businesses enjoy when they get a little creative with portable shipping containers.  We look forward to helping you meet your specific needs

Shipping Container Security

Shipping Container Security

Shipping containers are designed to be sturdy and secure. These metal containers often travel across the country to move merchandise through inclement weather conditions. A shipping container is constructed from 16-gauge galvanized steel making it extremely sturdy and weather resistant. The design also includes a single cargo door making these containers secure.  

Once a shipping container is repurposed, it still provides the new owner with incredible strength and security. Since many people customize their containers by adding personnel doors and windows, additional security measures may need to be considered. Options you may want to add to your container include: 

Security Options for a Shipping Container

Keypad Entry 

If you have added a personnel door to your container, you may wish to consider adding coded access. This is especially good for containers that are in an area with heavy foot traffic or access to a public space. The coded entry can be changed for different people.  You can always monitor who has access to the unit. 

shipping container security

Security Lighting 

Shipping container security can be greatly enhanced with the proper security lighting. You can add motion-activated lighting to all areas of the unit.  Additionally, lighting can be added that you turn on and off manually. Security lighting is vital for businesses.  

Latch Guards 

If you need heavy-duty container security, you may want to consider a latch guard. Latch guards are steel pieces that are bolted over the locks on the container to prevent forced entry. When installed correctly, necessary personnel can still access the unit while others are deterred. 

Window Bars 

Many containers that are used for a work space have windows added to the unit to allow natural light to flow into the container. In some instances, these windows may present a point of entry for burglars. If security is a concern, you may want to have burglar bars installed on the windows.

shipping container security

Cargo Lock Box 

When a shipping container is used for storage, many people just leave the cargo door as the only entrance into the unit. These doors are designed to be secure.  However, if you feel that you need extra security, a lock box may be the answer. A lock box is welded around the locking mechanism of the cargo door, making it virtually impossible for anyone to use bolt cutters and destroy the locking mechanisms. 

As noted, shipping container security can be addressed by many methods.  Portables360 will help you determine the best security for your particular business.

4 Questions When Deciding Whether to Buy or Rent a Shipping Container

4 Questions When Deciding Whether to Buy or Rent a Shipping Container

When your business needs additional office space or storage, a shipping container is a great solution!  The first decision that you will need to make is whether you are going to buy or rent a shipping container. To help simplify this process, we recommend that you look at the following four questions to help you solve this issue. 

Considerations whether to Buy or Rent a Shipping Container


1.  What Type of Shipping Container Does Your Business Need?

If you just need a standard storage space or a simple office for a short term, renting will most likely be your best solution.  Simple office space units are designed to have climate control and office area without much else.  Whereas temporary storage units are generally climate controlled and have some shelving available inside.  However, if you need customized storage space, a custom office with a bathroom, or you need the unit for the long term, purchasing the unit will be most beneficial to you.  

2.  Length of Time Needed

Shipping containers life-span is twenty-five or more years when well maintained. Those requiring a long-term solution for office or storage space, purchasing a unit would be your best investment.  Rental units are best for short-term use or for when customization is not necessary. Any customization that is made to a rental unit must be removed before the unit is returned to the container company. 

3.  Maintenance

If your company wants to assume the maintenance for the container because you wish to customize the outside to reflect your brand, purchasing a unit will be in your best interest. Preventative maintenance on these units is effortless and can be performed once or twice a year.  Conversely, if your company does not wish to assume responsibility for the maintenance of the unit and would prefer the container company to make repairs and perform preventative maintenance, renting would be beneficial.  

4.  Budget

As with every aspect of a business, the cost is always a consideration. Renting has its advantages if you are looking for a temporary solution. With renting, however, you will also have transportation costs that factor into this rental as well as any return fees.  Purchasing the unit gives you a one-time expense. Many businesses prefer this over monthly payments. This option also allows you to fully customize your unit without having to worry about the costs associated with restoring the unit when it is returned. 

Please contact Portables360 with any questions.  We will assist you when making the decision whether to buy or rent a shipping container.


Decontaminating Masks Using Shipping Containers (N95)

Decontaminating Masks Using Shipping Containers (N95)

The fight against coronavirus (also known as COVID 19) is a top priority for businesses in every industry.  Battelle is a company on the front lines of decontaminating N95 masks.  In fact, many companies are now producing goods to help fight coronavirus. The shipping container industry is a vital key in Battelle’s process by decontaminating masks using shipping containers (N95).

Battelle, N95 Masks, and the Coronavirus

The need for personal protective equipment (PPE) is now at critical levels. With N95 masks in short supply, even though they are reusable. Once opened and exposed, a mask must be decontaminated before it is used again. Sadly, the decontamination process can be lengthy.  The ability to purify large quantities of masks at one time was almost impossible until now.

Battelle created a Critical Care Decontamination System that has been approved by the FDA. Using shipping containers because of their size and portability, Battelle created a system where N95 masks will be placed in large quantities inside the container and completely sterilized in 12 hours. 

Since the containers are air-tight, Battelle is able to use hydrogen peroxide vapor to sterilize the masks. The vapor is released in the sealed container.  The masks remain in the vapor for 12 hours. After this time has elapsed, the masks are sanitized and ready for use. 

Just One Of Many Uses For Shipping Containers In The Fight Against COVID 19 

Shipping containers can be used for many different issues in the fight against COVID 19. Easily customizable containers can be used to set up office space, testing centers, or to house much-needed supplies in hard-hit areas.  

Containers will be converted into intake areas for hospitals to keep COVID 19 patients separated from other patients.  They will be used as a place where triage will be performed for non-COVID 19 patients. 

Containers are a quick way to get a secure structure into any location. The containers will be fitted with electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, and wi-fi for ease of use. Containers are available in different sizes.  Because of their versatility, the needs of any business or community can be easily met. 

Portable Storage Containers When Moving – 5 Benefits

Portable Storage Containers When Moving – 5 Benefits

When you are moving, regardless of whether it is your home or office, you have three options. You can hire a moving company at a great expense.  You can rent a moving truck and have to hurry and pack and move everything quickly to reduce costs.  Or you can use a portable storage container when moving. While each of these methods has benefits, there are some additional benefits associated with using a shipping container for your move.

5 Benefits of Using Portable Storage Containers When Moving

  1. Move On Your Own Schedule 

Life does not stop just because you need to move. When you use portable shipping containers when moving, you can pack it when you have time.  In addition, your items will remain safe and secure until you are ready to unpack.

  1. Reduce Conflict In Schedules 

Each person in your home has a different schedule. Packing and moving can be quite tricky when you do not have everyone together at one time to complete all the preparation. Gradually packing the storage container according to everyone’s schedule will allow the packing to get done with minimal impact on work schedules.   Plus, each person packing their items assists not losing items.

  1. Ensure the Moving Truck is Loaded Correctly

Operating a large moving van or truck requires knowledge on how to load the vehicle properly. This is especially important if your state requires you to go through the truck scales when traveling on the interstates while moving. If your vehicle is loaded improperly, you could find yourself repacking it at a truck area so that it can pass the scales. Avoid this nightmare by merely using a shipping container for your move. 

  1. No need to Drive a Rental Truck

Yes, a large moving truck may operate the same way that your personal vehicle does, but it does not drive the same way. You must turn, back, and manage the vehicle much differently than your car. If you are not comfortable driving such a large vehicle, your move could be dangerous.  Utilizing a portable storage container eliminates this issue.

  1. Expense

Moving companies and rental trucks are expensive!  This is especially true if you are moving to another city or state.  Use of Portable storage containers when moving provide you with a safe, secure, and economical way to move your belongings to your new home or place of business. 

Portable Storage Containers When Moving

Portables 360 has several sizes and options for shipping containers.  Additionally, we offer refrigerated containers if you’re moving perishable items.  We look forward to speaking with you and meeting your containers needs!

Shipping Containers & Coronavirus 

Shipping Containers & Coronavirus 

The coronavirus (COVID 19) has forced many medical facilities, first responders, and government offices to seek immediate extra space. Mobile offices for virus hot zones, extra medical space for care facilities, and storage space for supplies has become a necessity   Shipping containers & Coronavirus are strange bedfellows.

Officials from all of these industries will benefit from the use of shipping containers during this national crisis. Shipping containers can quickly be converted into an office or medical space and will also provide the following benefits: 

* Easy to move structures – Move the container away from congested areas so that you have better control over social distancing 

* Easier to clean and maintain than a tarp or tent 

* Containers can quickly be modified to include plumbing, temperature control, and electricity. All containers can be fitted for Wi-Fi 

containers and coronavirus

Different Uses For Shipping Containers during Coronavirus COVID 19 Pandemic  


Mobile Testing Center 

You can have a container delivered to any location to set up a quick mobile testing center. Containers can also be used as a walk-up testing center with office operations inside to keep patients separated and honor their privacy. 

Temporary Medical Care 

You can set up a triage unit in the container to help assist the hospital with screening and admitting patients. This also keeps these patients separate from others in the emergency room. 

Supply Distribution 

First Responders and Medical Professionals are in desperate need for supplies. These containers can be used to house supplies as they are distributed in a drive-up manner. This protects those who are distributing the product as well as those receiving the items. 

Temporary Office Space 

Many companies are unable to follow the stay-home orders because of the services that they provide. In an effort to encourage social distancing and protect employees, containers can be converted into additional office space so that employees can work further apart. 

There are several other uses that a portable shipping container could provide during this national crisis. If you need space for any reason, a portable shipping container will be your best and fastest solution.