Shipping Container Offices at Apartment Complexes

Shipping Container Offices at Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes have found that shipping container offices at apartment complexes are the perfect solution for their leasing offices. Shipping containers offer these complexes flexibility and portability.  In addition, they offer the ability to design the office to their specifications. 

Shipping Containers as Offices

Creating a leasing office from a repurposed shipping container also provides the apartment complex with a cost savings.  The company does not have to build another structure to house the office. The portability of the office also allows the complex to move the office to different areas of the property if necessary.  This will allow for expansion of an existing structure.  The project can be completed without disrupting the office.

For complexes that are under construction, having a shipping container office allows the property management to start pre-leasing units as they are being built. Complexes that are changing ownership or are expanding can utilize a portable office while the complex is going through its upgrades.  The result is money saved.

The long life of a shipping container office also allows apartment management companies the ability to move their offices to new properties when necessary.  The cost is minimal. Also, the exterior is easily painted or refinished so that you can brand the container to match each complex. 

Shipping containers are easy to convert to office space. The addition of windows and sliding glass doors will give the office a very welcoming appearance. The spacious interior can be carefully decorated to create a professional space. Custom options are available and affordable.  Containers will have climate control, electricity, plumbing, and Internet capabilities, making them a fully functioning office space.

Shipping Container Office Benefits When Using Shipping Container Offices at Apartment Complexes

There are many advantages to using shipping containers as offices, one of so many uses!  Consider that it will become a talking point within the community. Potential residents will appreciate that the complex has chosen an environmentally friendly option for their office space. Everyone will be amazed that a shipping container can so easily be converted to a beautiful office space. Your company will love how easy it is to transform these containers to meet the looks of your brand.  Contact Portables360 to discuss your shipping container office project.



Is a Portable Container Office the Answer for Your Business?

Is a Portable Container Office the Answer for Your Business?

There are many industries where a portable office solution is necessary for business. Companies that need these portable offices often opt for trailers or other mobile units. Sadly, these offices often do not have indoor plumbing capabilities, and once moved, they quickly lose their structural integrity. In most cases, these portable offices can be used once or twice before needing to be replaced. 

The best solution for a portable office is a retrofitted standard portable shipping container. Shipping containers can easily be converted into a working office space with electricity, heating and cooling, and indoor plumbing. Think of how much happier your employees will be when they don’t have to go outside in all types of weather to use the port-o-potty. 

These shipping containers are sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions, and when moved, their structural integrity stays firm. You can build a portable office and move it many times for many years before you may need to think about upgrading. 

If you are considering a portable office solution for your company, these are the questions you should ask: 

Does My Company Need An Office Area Offsite?

If you need a working office area, such as at a construction site, you will love the convenience that converting a shipping container into an office provides. These containers are fully customizable and easy to move to each job site. 

Do I Want A Cost-Effective Solution? 

Investing in a shipping container for portable office use is very cost-effective, and the office will withstand weather, time, and continual moving. You will be able to use this type of office significantly more than a standard trailer, which often has to be replaced after each use.  Portables360 offers your the option to buy or rent portable shipping containers.

Transporting The Portable Office 

Instead of needing special trucking equipment and permits to move a trailer, you can have your shipping container office moved using a regular semi-truck. This is another convenient and cost-cutting benefit to using these containers over other building choices. Even the military has discovered the benefits of using portable shipping containers!

What About Building A Permanent Office? 

Shipping containers are the perfect resource for building a permanent office structure. Many construction companies have already begun to create homes, apartments, and hotels by using these containers.  

You can connect several containers together and stack them several containers high. The building can be fully customized to your needs. Using containers instead of new building drops the cost of your construction significantly, and you are protecting the environment by reusing building materials. 

Shipping containers have increased in demand over the last several years as more people discover the many uses that these solid-built containers provide. 

Many Uses for Shipping Containers

Many Uses for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used for transporting items across the world for almost a century. These dependable containers are designed to be sturdy enough to stack nine high!  They withstand even the most extreme weather. Incredibly, the majority of these containers are used only one time. Innovative people are repurposing shipping containers into amazing projects.

Shipping Container Uses

It is more cost-effective for manufacturers to purchase new shipping containers each time they make a shipment.  They don’t have used ones returned to them. This leaves a lot of shipping containers available for other uses.  

Repurposing shipping containers into offices, schools, storage facilities, hydroponic rooms, and even homes have become very popular.  It is also cost-effective for businesses.  The structural integrity of these boxes makes them perfect for construction,.  Their uniform sizes allow for multiple units to be connected together flawlessly for larger structures. 

Additionally, these containers are easy to customize into precisely what you need. Electricity, plumbing, and internet service are easily installed. Doors, windows, shelving, and other interior changes can be made to create the perfect space. All these changes can be completed at a fraction of the cost of building a new structure.

Shipping Containers on Wheels 

Shipping containers can also have an axle attached so that they can be permanently mounted on wheels. People need portable storage areas.  They have to move these over rough terrain. The unit needs to be mobile.  This is done by attaching wheels. Once attached to wheels, they can be moved by a large pick-up truck with a towing attachment. 

Shipping containers with wheel attachments make great response units. When emergencies occur, it is crucial that government offices, law enforcement, and medical care reach the impacted areas. Mobile offices or triage units are just a few of the uses that containers on wheels can provide. 

If you have a need for a structure but want to minimize your costs, shipping containers are the right solution. Whether you need a permanent structure or one that can quickly move, you will find that repurposing a container will be the best solution.  Portables360 looks forward to speaking with you.


Joining Shipping Containers – Your Guide to Modifications

Joining Shipping Containers – Your Guide to Modifications

Shipping containers continue to increase in popularity as a base for new construction. Many people have found that using these containers for mobile office space, storage areas, and even emergency shelters is cost-effective and practical. However, people are also looking for larger structures than a standard shipping container. 


Joining Shipping Containers To Create More Space


Shipping containers can be connected together to create a larger space. This allows you to create office space, triage centers, classrooms, and more. Some companies have even gone so far as to connect multiple containers together to build large homes, apartment complexes, and hotels. 

If you’re connecting two containers together to make the right-sized space for your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Portables360 will help you decide whether joining shipping containers is right for your needs.


Steps for Joining Shipping Containers


First, your containers will be delivered as individual units. This is the safest and least expensive way to deliver your containers. Once the containers arrive, one of the walls on each container will be removed so that they can be connected together. 

Your containers will need to be welded together for maximum stability. Once the containers are welded together, you will need to add some reinforcements in the interior. Placing a few supports in the interior will help the integrity of the structure and keep the roofs from sagging. Supports are necessary and they easily are incorporated into your interior design. 

Once you have completed these two steps, you can begin to customize the entire structure to meet your specific needs. You can add plumbing, electricity, and Internet services with little effort. New doors and windows can be added to enhance interior beauty.  

Your new shipping container structure will then just need the exterior finished as you see fit. You can add siding panels to match your current structures.  Another option is to paint the exterior.  The exterior can be finished in whatever way is pleasing to you. 


storage container set up


Containers can also be stacked on top of each other to create multi-layered structures. This type of setup, however, may require the services of an architect to ensure that all the necessary support beams are in place to ensure structural integrity. 

The ease of joining shipping containers into a larger structure is what has made them a preferred building material in many new construction projects.  


Problems Solved by Placing Shipping Containers on Wheels

Problems Solved by Placing Shipping Containers on Wheels


One of the options that we offer on our shipping containers is a chassis. Adding wheels to a shipping container solves many issues for businesses that have special needs for their containers. 


Shipping Containers on Wheels


A business may need their shipping storage container to be at a certain height to reach a loading dock.  Perhaps they need the container to be easily moved around a distribution center. Having a chassis attached to the container allows business owners to complete these tasks without any problems. 

A shipping container on wheels is also a great asset for businesses that have to move a container into areas where the roads are less than desirable. Some remote areas may not be able to accommodate a semi-truck delivery of the container. By having the container on wheels, you can tow the container yourself to a remote location. 

A final benefit of having the shipping container on wheels is its ability to be put into motion instantly. Many government entities, charities, and businesses have found that they need to reach an area and set up their office quickly.  And example is a disaster-hit area. Having the container able to be hooked up to a truck and moved within minutes is beneficial to all. 

In most cases, we use a 6-wheel chassis system with a goose-neck hook up that can be pulled by any heavy-duty pickup truck with the right hitch. This solution is perfect for many different businesses and entities that need portability for their container. 

Our containers that have a chassis built in have all the necessary supports in place to ensure that when your container is moving, the integrity of the container remains high. Your container will arrive at its next location ready to use. 


Customized Containers Reduce Business Overhead 


Options are limitless with shipping containers!  You can customize your shipping container with a chassis.  In addition, you can have two containers connected for larger office space.  Again, options are limitless!  Repurposing these cargo containers into something your business needs will save you money over time. 

Shipping containers are sturdy, weather-resistant, and are easy to maintain. They can easily be converted into any type of space.  Don’t forget!  They can be made mobile. The lifespan of these containers averages two decades.  This makes them much more affordable than new construction.  Give us a call or email.  We look forward to helping you!